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Is your manual transmission getting harder to shift?

Does it feel like it just doesn’t grab like it used to? Or maybe it’s starting to chatter or vibrate? A worn clutch may be the culprit here. Or it could be the result of something else, such as a transmission misalignment. One obvious sign that this is the problem would be rust residue on the disc and pressure plate.

Make Adjustments

Prior to putting the clutch back together, the flywheel should be re-surfaced and a new pilot bearing installed in the flywheel, which is always recommended. Other tips include using a drop of Loctite on the threads of the bolts prior to bolting the flywheel to the engine.
Also, clean the flywheel and pressure plate with acetone to ensure an oil-free surface of Manual Gearbox (this is one area where you don’t want any lubrication at all).

Make sure to use the correct alignment tool when placing the disc up to the flywheel. Once again, before bolting and torqueing the pressure plate to the flywheel, apply a drop of Loctite on the threads of the bolts.

And to avoid any damage in The Manual Gearbox, it has to be checked for outside leek, oil level and duality  every regular car service .

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